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RED:  Blood and atonement - Leviticus 17:11, Hebrews 9:12-14, Josh 2:18-21, Isa 1:18, Zec 6:2
Represents:   the Blood of Jesus, Covenant of Grace, Cleansing justification, sin atonement, war, the wrath of God, death, love, life, the earth, redemption,sacrifice, consuming fire, the person of Jesus, the Cross
BLUE:  Heaven and heavenly grace, Holy Spirit, Mandates of God & Authority - Exodus 24:10, Num 15:30-40, Zec 6:2-6
Represents:  Revealed God, grace, divinity, the Priesthood, mercy, restoration, health, healing,new heavenly places, the Holy Spirit,heaven, overcomer, revelation, knowledge, the Truth, the Word of God, washing
PURPLE: Royalty, Kingship, Wealth - Judges 8:26, Mark 15:17-18, Luke 19:2
Represents:  Royalty, kingship, kingliness, power, majesty,mediator, wealth, penitence, the Name of God, kingdom authority, dominion, sonship, the promises of God, inheritance
WHITE  Purity, Holiness, & Glory - Psalms 51:7, Matthew 17:2, Revelation 3:4, John 20:12, Dan 12:10
Represents:  The Bride, purity, surrender, holiness, salvation, righteousness, light, joy, festive rejoicing, angels, saints, peace, triumph, victory, glory
SILVER: Redemption, Economy/Currency - Numbers 18:15-16, Matt 27:3, Rev. 18:12
Represents:  The word of God, redemption, divinity, righteousness, strengthened faith, wisdom, purity
GOLD: Divinity and God's Glory - Exodus 37, Exodus 40:34-35, Revelation 1:13-14
Represents:  Eternal Deity, the Godhead, glory, purification, majesty, righteousness, Diving Light kingliness, trial by fire, mercy
GREEN: New Life, New Beginning, Prosperity, Health, Proper Season - Psalm 92:12-14, Hose 14:8, Job 8:16, Ps 37:35, Ps 92:12-14
Represents:  Praise, eternal life, vigor, prosperity, mercy, restoration, health, healing, new beginning, freshness, God's holy seed, harvest, sowing and reaping
PLUM:  Richness, abundance, infilling of the Holy Spirit - Hosea 2:22, Joel 2:24
RED/ORANGE/GOLD: Consuming Fire
Means: Fire of the Holy Spirit  - Act 2:3, 2 Chorn 7:1, Job 1:16, Jer 20:9, Dan 7:9, Mal 3:2, Heb 12:23
IRIDESCENT CRYSTAL: Bride of Christ, New Jerusalem - Rev. 21:2, 9, 11
Cleansing work of the Holy Spirit, blessings of God, sanctification, the Bride of Christ, Truth - We use this color in our half moon flags.
FUSHIA/PINK:  Joy, right relationship, compassion, heart of flesh, passion for Jesus, the Bridegroom's heart, koinonea (Kiononea - means communion by intimate participation. The word is used frequently in the New Testament of the Bible to describe the relationship within the early Christian church as well as the act of breaking bread in the manner) Ez 45:15, Dan 9:24, 2 Corn. 5:18-19

MAROON/WINE:    New Wine, the cup of the new covenant, blessings, rejoicing, blood of Jesus, Bride of Christ, surrender, the fellowship of Christ's suffering
YELLOW:  Glory revealed, Light, Joy
Brighter colors usually represent joy and peace while the darker colors such as black represent mourning or death
We do not randomly pick colors, but we use colors to express the very nature of God.  When you understand the meaning of each color you will realize why we have chosen certain colors to express true praise and worship.  Once you comprehend the meaning, you will be able to incorporate the right garment or accessory when you enter into his presence.

TURQUOISE:  River of God, Sanctification, Healing, Life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit, The New Jerusalem
GOLD/BLUE/PURPLE/RED:  Priesthood, Tabernacle of God - Ex. 26, Ex. 28:15, Num 4:1-15, 5:13
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